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Timothy Jay Maines

Professional Trombonist  |  Experienced Educator  |  Social Media Expert



I’m here to help you achieve your goals

Timothy Jay Maines II is a professional trombonist, experienced educator, and social media expert in the New Haven area. He has over 100k followers on:




He's helping clients grow an audience for their products.


What I'm Offering 

I'm Well Known For


Trombone Lessons

I offer Zoom lessons to any aspiring trombone, euphonium, or trumpet player. Learn More


Social Media Consulting

I am offering social media consulting services to help you reach their target audience on social media. Learn More

Why Choose Me

Professional Musician

Will Provide PDF's to help you grow

Social Media Expert with 100k+ following on 3 platforms

Has Professional Microphone and Camera for optimal Zoom Experience

Playing the Trumpet

Let's Join Each Other

Let's work together - I will do everything I can to help you see the results

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